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Construction Is Under Way, Here's What to Expect

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

After endless planning, tons of support from our staff and customers, numerous meetings with our architect, and various conversations with our contractor, we started the expansion and renovations at 12030 Melody Drive! Don't worry, we're not moving and we're still operating as usual, but our current office is just too small—and it's finally time to knock down walls and grow. Here's exactly what you can expect.

We'll expand and add four new operatories, including two private surgical suites. There will even be a new staff lounge capable of hosting study groups.

This morning I stopped by the space and was thrilled to see the progress. Having a few people in the new addition made it feel real, like our home!

This construction is highly anticipated. After operating in the same office layout for over 34 years! We're SO ready for a change. We'll soon have the space to perform more advanced dental procedures such as implant placements, clear aligner orthodontics, and root canals. These will complement the Cerec digital crown technology we already use.

We'll renovate our existing space as well. We hope to have all renovations completed by the end of September.

To be honest, this construction couldn't come sooner. We need this space to continue the fantastic work we're doing here at Cherry Blossom Dental. In just a few short months, our new home will be ready, so our staff can continue the impactful work they do for our community.

Get ready for new procedures, more technology, more space, and a fresh new look!

More updates coming soon,

Dr. Carmen Tsang

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